DOOR HINGES – KASON 1248 Pair – Flush – Reversible – Spring Assist – 11248000033

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Spring Assist Door Hinges – Kason 1248


Spring Assist Door Hinges – Kason 1248

Set of 2 Flush hinges. Comes with one spring loaded hinge (top) and one non spring loaded hinge (bottom).

Spring mechanism adds extra closing force to overcome air resistance on heavy walk-in doors.

  • Special high-lift cam system outperforms similar spring hinges.
  • Flush mount model for doors that are even with door frame.
  • Cam-rise action reduces gasket wear, even with irregular floors.
  • Built-in dwell holds door open when beyond 135°. Will self-close if less than 135.
  • Simple manual operation reverses hinges for use on right- or left opening door.

1248 Hinge Installation Instructions PDF

Hinge Reversal Instructions 1. Lift strap from flange and remove pin assembly. 2. Pop out cap. Turn strap 180 degrees, reinsert pin assembly. 3. Reposition strap into flange and replace cap.

Cosmetically damaged hinges have dings and scuffs on the metal but are mechanically functional.

Certifications: NSF, GreenGuard
greenguard certification
Mold Numbers: Bracket –  1248-179-54, Flange – 1245-644-54
MPN Variations: 1248-33, 1248-000033, 11248000033

How to determine offset

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

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  1. Steve Halfpap

    Got these in a few days ago and got them installed. Tehy seem very sturdy so I hope they hold up. We were having trouble with a hard to close door on our freezer and it sometimes wouldn’t even reach the closer to finish pulling it closed. With the new hinges closing the door is now a very fluid process and it fully closes every time! Thanks!

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